Pin Hsiu Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) shall provide services pertinent to the maintenance, repair, and replacement of parts for the products purchased by consumers under this Warranty Clause (hereinafter referred to as “This Clause”).



Consumers who purchased this product are entitled to warranty service for 1 year from the day of purchase (the date stated on the invoice, receipt, or other forms of proof of purchase) under This Clause.



The warranty covers products purchased directly from authorized dealers or retailers of the Company only. Products acquired through resale, assignment or other means are not eligible for warranty service under This Clause. Accordingly, we disclaim any obligation or responsibility thereof.



1. The warranty service under This Clause shall be applicable to the following:
(1) The complete function or parts not specified in the user manual.
(2) Damage caused by normal use of the product within the warranty period.
2. The following is not covered by the warranty service under This Clause:
(1) Product is worn out but the functions remain intact.
(2) Warranty has expired.
(3) Failure to follow the user manual that resulted in erroneous installation.
(4) Purchased from distributors or a third party not authorized by the Company.
(5) Unauthorized modification, disassembly of product, change or modification of the parts or functions of the product.
(6) Installation of products in the wrong types of vehicles.
(7) Damages caused by violation of traffic regulations or improper use of motor vehicles.
(8) Damage caused by willful act or negligence.
(9) Damage caused by natural disaster or accidents.
(10) No invoice or proof of purchase could be presented.
(11) Installation of product in vehicles professed for racing.



(1) The Company will provide repair or replacement of parts on products referred for repair in conformity with the requirements of This Clause.



1. Contact any of the business locations of the Company, authorized dealers or service stations:
(1) Pin Hsiu Technology: AirREX brand.
(2) Authorized dealers listed on the official website.
2. Present a valid invoice, receipt, or other forms of proof of purchase to the aforementioned units.
3. Fill in the following information or other information required by the Company before sending an e-mail to airrex@airrex.com.tw
(1) Name, address, and telephone number.
(2) Invoice number or the name of authorized dealer, or installation service provider.
(3) Product serial number and product name.
(4) Specify if the service is in warranty (within 12 months from the day of purchase) or out of warranty service.
(5) Content of nonconformity (explain in words or by photos).
(6) Information of motor vehicle.
4. On receiving the product, the Company will determine if the sent product meets the requirements under This Clause on the basis of the actual condition of the product and will provide the relevant repair or replacement.
5. The time required for the completion of the aforementioned procedure will vary according to actual needs. The Company cannot promise the exact number of days for the service.
6. If the product was found to not fall within the scope of warranty under This Clause, the Company may charge the consumer for the inspection and repair, delivery or other necessary expenses incurred.
7. Consumers shall pay for the freight for the delivery of the product to the service center. The Company will pay for the return freight if the product referred for service is confirmed to be under warranty.



The content of This Clause shall constitute the entire content of the warranty service provided by the Company on this product and shall substitute expression of intent verbally or tacitly made unless the Company agreed otherwise in writing. The Company disclaims any responsibility of guarantee beyond This Clause. Likewise, no dealer, retailer, or third party has the right to act on behalf of and in the name of the Company in making promises in any form, and under no circumstances shall the Company be bound by such promises.

Any expense incurred from the purchase, installation, shipment, or use of products by consumers (including the cost of human resources and freight) or any other necessary expenses shall be borne by the consumers whether the products are covered by warranty or not, unless This Clause specified otherwise that the Company shall be responsible.

Consumers may have problem on the use of products or other related matters, and shall seek assistance from the Company or the Company disclaims any damage to the products thereof.

Unless the law provides otherwise, the Company disclaims any obligation for any damage, direct or indirect, or collateral to the consumers or a third party deriving from the products, including but not limited to: physical injury, health, reputation, good will, operation, property, investment, and profit. Likewise, the Company disclaims any responsibility for the damage to other equipment deriving from this product.