How to start App Upgrade kit

✦✦✦ Guidelines for the App Upgrade Kit ✦✦✦
1. Upon receiving the kit, ensure you charge it before use.
2. Replace your existing setup with our App Upgrade kit.
3. Choose either the wired controller or the wireless controller. Do not use both simultaneously.
If your remote control isn't functioning as expected, possible causes might be:
1. Mixing old version components with new App Upgrade parts. Make sure you've installed all new parts from the App Upgrade kit
2. Simultaneously using both wired and wireless controllers.
1. Must disconnect the USB cable before using the controller.
2. Press the power button to activate the wireless controller for use.

a: Connecting the car's cigarette lighter to the wireless controller may cause it to become non-functional.
b: If the wired controller is connected to power, it will also prevent the wireless controller from functioning.

Charging Instructions:
1. The wireless controller can be charged via a standard power outlet using the official 1M USB cable provided.
2. The wireless controller can also be charged using a car's cigarette lighter socket with the official 1M USB cable provided.
3. The wireless controller can also be charged by connecting it to our system using a 5M USB cable.
1. Connect the controller using the 5M wire to the main system (motherboard).
Note: Charging via a cigarette lighter will render the controller non-functional with the system.
2. Press the power button repeatedly to initiate the use of the wired controller.

APP controllers note:
The wired controller must be connected to the main system using the 5M cable.