04. DODGE_VIPER ZB I-ZB II 03~10 0020110040_EN-v3



Chassis Code : ZB I/ZB II

Years : 03~10

Part No : 0020110040

Front wheel adjustable space : 50 mm

Rear wheel adjustable space : 70 mm

Driving pressure suggestion ( PSI ) : FRONT 90 psi / REAR 120 psi

《 Reference 》The Vehicle uses tire size : Front 295 / 35 / R18

《 Reference 》The Vehicle uses tire size : Rear 345/ 30 /R19

1-year warranty

High quality, High safety, High durability

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Air spring

♦ Robust durance
♦ Vehicle height adjustable
♦ Spring tension adjustable

Lower bracket

Manufactured according to original types to ensure that the oil pipe and wiring tubes originally locked on the suspension remains unaffected.

Air hose connector

Ensure air tight

Threaded, Adjustable strut mounts

Can be used with low bracket lock points to increase the maximum/minimum (height) distance of the vehicle

locking collar

Suspension length can be adjusted after loosening


♦ Multi-stage Damper
♦ Vehicle-unique damping setting

Shock absorber

♦ Fully adjustable for shock absorber. (may vary with vehicle type)
♦ Single tube design of the shock absorber improves operation sensitivity.
♦ Robust durance







I installed them last night and drove the car today. With the new shocks at adjustment level 6, it felt much better. I will probably go harder but I could immediately tell the difference. I think this spring rate and length is correct for this car.

It’s also a good thing we did this because I was way too high on the adjustment of the previous shock. One of them had popped loose. It was still sitting in the cradle but it turns out I had run out of threads. I have plenty of thread for the right height setting now with the new one being longer. Thanks again 🙂