AS9100:D / JISQ 9100:2016 / EN 9100:2018 International Aerospace Quality Management System
「Pin Hsiu Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the AS9100:D / JISQ 9100:2016 / EN 9100:2018 International Aerospace Quality Management System certification by AFNOR.」
For suppliers and service providers in the aviation, aerospace, and defense industries, the AS 9100 2016 certification is a crucial tool for winning market tenders. It is an international standard specific to the aviation, space, and defense industries, based on ISO 9001. It allows you to manage your quality management system and be listed in the international OASIS database, demonstrating the reliability and quality of your services, all of which must meet the highest safety levels of the aviation and space industries. * North America: AS9100 / Europe: EN9100 / Japan: JISQ9100
ISO 9001 - International Standard Quality Management System 2015 Certification
「Pin Hsiu Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO 9001 - International Standard Quality Management System 2015 edition certification by AFNOR.」
With over a million certificates worldwide, ISO 9001 is undoubtedly the most widely deployed and internationally recognized management standard. The ISO 9001 certification is the most commonly used tool for managing organizations and activities, serving as a foundation for optimizing internal operations, controlling activities, detecting market signals, reducing costs, and gaining competitiveness.
DTC approved for europe
DTC Dynamic Test Centre AG
European Centre for Vehicle Safety and Driving Dynamics DTC approved for Europe DTC Dynamic Test Centre AG is your centre for air, rail, and road safety capabilities. With over 40 employees, DTC AG is Switzerland's largest vehicle safety and driving dynamics centre. It is open to all interested groups from industry, commerce, services, and authorities.
Established in 1984 in Changhua, Taiwan, Pin Hsiu Technology has indulged in the development and manufacturing of rubber products as its principal engagement for long time.
The products of the Company are extensively used in different industries, including those of medicine, electronics,mass transportation, machinery and manufacturing, communication services, sports goods, household items, and entertainment.
The high-profile quality of Pin Hsiu has earned the recognition of different industries and reputation worldwide.


Equipped with 32 clicks of damping adjustment, each clicks offers a distinct driving experience that you can clearly perceive. This precise damping adjustment allows the shock absorber to adapt flexibly to various road conditions and driving needs. Whether on city streets or highways, it delivers an exceptional driving experience.

Upper Mount

Each vehicle model boasts our meticulously designed exclusive upper mount, crafted from premium aluminum alloy A6061 - T6. Treated through anodic aluminum oxidation, our produced upper mount and adjust upper mount plate demonstrate unparalleled strength and durability.

For vehicle models equipped with MacPherson front shock absorbers, we offer adjustable camber angle functionality for most models. This allows users to tailor their shock absorber settings based on road conditions and tire status. Moreover, we've cleverly hidden the four screws used for camber adjustment within the slide groove. This design means that the adjustment process is no longer limited by the size of the central hole in the top mount, offering drivers greater adjustment flexibility and freedom.

Rubber Pillow Ball Bottom Mounts

The significance of shock absorbers in driving stability and comfort is undeniable. Their function and presence also ensure the vehicle's grip on the road. In 2017, we applied for patents that we take great pride in, namely M557212 and M544426, titled " Vehicle shock absorber upper mount structure adjustable in wide range." This ingenious patent design seamlessly integrates the flexible adjustment advantages of the pillow ball mount with the vibration resistance of the rubber mount. As a result, it fills many gaps where traditional shock absorbers needed improvement in vibration resistance and angle adjustment, marking an innovative milestone that changed the design rules of shock absorbers. This design cleverly combines the angle adjustment of the pillow ball mount with the vibration absorption capabilities of the rubber mount, providing an unparalleled new shock absorber upper mount structure. From air spring-type shock absorbers to coil-spring-type shock absorbers, this rubber pillow ball mounts perfectly fits various shock absorbers, further enhancing their performance and lifespan. Patents M557212 and M544426 symbolize our tremendous breakthrough in shock absorber technology, introducing a novel top mount structure that embodies both flexibility and shock resistance, elevating vehicle shock-absorption performance, and paving the way for new possibilities in the automotive industry.

Steering Bearing

Enhances product durability, offers smooth driving control, and ensures safety.

Multi-type Air Springs

PIN HSIU Technology Co., Ltd. is renowned for its premium self-made air springs and is globally recognized for its consistent product quality and innovative rubber manufacturing techniques. We are committed to selecting high-grade rubber raw materials from Japan, the United States, and other regions. Through a stringent end-to-end production process, with meticulous quality control at every stage, we ensure the excellence of our products. Each air spring undergoes rigorous tests, including material analysis, tensile strength and elongation testing, tear and adhesion strength tests, compression deformation tests, hardness (including aging) tests, burst tests, and weather resistance (simulated climate) tests. As a result, our air springs boast superior quality, durability, and an unmatched user experience, earning us high acclaim in the industry.

O-Ring: (Inside the air spring and shock absorber)

Viton is a brand of Fluoroelastomer (FKM) developed by Dupont, notable for its resistance to high temperatures, chemical corrosion, and excellent weathering properties. PIN HSIU Technology utilizes Viton for its in-house manufactured O-rings, which are known for their superior performance and durability. Given their high-quality attributes, they are frequently used in precision industries.

High-Pressure Fittings

Ensures airtightness without leakage. The specially extended design makes installation more convenient.

Shock Absorber-Damping Outer Tube

Made from ultra-dense alloy steel, the damping outer tube boasts high strength, rigidity, and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, it exhibits outstanding wear resistance, especially when subjected to the friction caused by the high-speed movement of internal components. Its lightweight feature allows us to manufacture a thinner and lighter damping tube while maintaining its strength and rigidity. All these efforts demonstrate our pursuit of excellence and our commitment to delivering stable and reliable performance under any condition.

Shock Absorber-Polyurethane Buffer Block

The polyurethane buffer block stands out for its exceptional quality, durability, and compressive strength. This innovative product, with top-notch elasticity, greatly surpasses traditional rubber. Its excellent vibration absorption capabilities and unmatched protection for the shock absorber mechanical components are truly ingenious. Our commitment to quality far exceeds our consideration of costs, ensuring that we only provide the very best products to our customers.

Shock Absorber-Damping Oil

Special damping oil hailing from top European technology ensures consistent stability under various temperature challenges, enhancing the steadiness of your driving experience. Its robust oil molecular structure provides exceptional wear resistance and anti-foaming performance, ensuring stable operation under extreme conditions. Moreover, our specialized damping oil rapidly releases hydraulic pressure, maximizing the shock absorber's responsiveness, guaranteeing a smooth driving experience on any terrain. This embodies our pursuit of quality, ensuring that every journey you take is filled with confidence and comfort.

Shock Absorber-Imported oil seal

We specifically choose high-grade custom-made oil seals from the UK. Our specialized choice involves a professionally designed asymmetrical rod seal, which boasts a precisely trimmed sealing lip. The internal dynamic lip is shorter and more robust; this design considerably enhances sealing capabilities and resistance to permanent deformation, compared to the traditional symmetric U-ring. Using our exclusive oil seal promises a longer lifespan and superior efficiency for the shock absorber.

Shock Absorber-Piston

Our shock absorber pistons are on par with top-tier manufacturers in terms of quality, all crafted from the highest-grade materials that effectively transform energy and boost overall efficiency. A superior piston not only elevates the performance of our shock absorbers but also stabilizes the vehicle during driving and turning, enhancing ride comfort for passengers.

Shock Absorber-Piston Rod Shaft

Our piston rod shaft is meticulously ground using nanotechnology, achieving an ultra-low coefficient of friction. This ensures a supremely smooth shaft surface, reducing internal friction and significantly enhancing wear resistance. With this technology, the reaction speed of the shock absorber is faster, elevating the vehicle's handling performance to a higher level. Additionally, our shaft boasts excellent thermal conductivity properties, efficiently dissipating heat and preventing overheating, thus prolonging the life of the shock absorber. Our shaft technology stands as a testament to ensuring your vehicle's superior performance.

Locking Collar

The shock absorber's length can be adjusted after loosening.

Lower Bracket

◆ MacPherson Suspension System: We adopt a design that closely adheres to the original factory pattern, ensuring that crucial components like oil tubes and wire tubes originally mounted on the shock absorber are completely undisturbed.

◆ Double A-arm Suspension System: Due to the unique requirements of the strut structure for the angle operation of the air suspension, we specifically chose an adjustable-angle pillow ball socket type lower bracket design to ensure optimal performance.

We meticulously adjust and design specifically for each vehicle type, aiming to enhance vehicle performance and provide the driver with the best driving experience. Whether your car has a MacPherson suspension system, a double A-arm suspension, a link suspension, or a torsion beam suspension, we will ensure that your vehicle achieves optimal driving performance under our premium-grade shock absorption equipment.

AirREX insists on using self-produced MIT air springs
It is made through multiple procedures and adopts the multi-axis overlapping technology of rubber and yarn, which has high rigidity and high stretch at the same time.
To ensure every single air suspension kit, we supply to our customers is in the best condition and quality. All the air springs we applied on Airrex & ODINSUS are manufactured by Pin Hsiu Technology Co., Ltd . Pin Hsiu is the parent company of Airrex, which is renowned for its stable and excellent quality control in the rubber manufacturing expert field. We uses the highest-grade rubber raw materials imported from Japan and the USA; the manufacturing process has undergone strict checks at every level. POK integrates each production process and controls all the factors to prevent any bad influence that may bring to the final products, from the material itself, strength, elongation, tearing, bonding strength, compression deformation, hardness test (aging test), Hydraulic pressure burst testing, weather resistance (simulated climate), etc.
★ Different kinds of rubber injection product
★ Diversified of rubber pressing product
★ Air spring for truck
★ Air spring for tuning car
★ Universal air spring
★ Air strut
★ Digital air suspension system
★ Coilover suspension
★ Strut and system design
★ Air strut
★ Digital air suspension system
★ Coilover suspension
★ Strut and system design