1. The pressure PSI of any wheel is higher than the Tank pressure PSI.
2. 2. Battery Voltage: If the voltage is not green color when the system is first turned on, the leveling adjustment will not be activated.
3. The system does not detect the vehicle again within 2 minutes after starting.
1. Press any button while leveling adjustment is in progress.
2. If the target range is not reached within 20 seconds of leveling adjustment.
3. When the target range is achieved.
The height value % will be displayed after setting the " Vehicle Travel Setting" in the menu.

※ Setting method:
1. Lower the vehicle's height to its minimum, go to the menu page, select 【Vehicle Travel Setting】> then select 【Travel Adjustment】> click on 【Lower Limit】.
2. Raise the vehicle's height to its maximum, follow the same steps, and click on 【Upper Limit】 in the menu page.
3. After completing the height sensor rod travel setting, the main screen will display the height % value (★ Please make sure the remote control screen has switched to the height mode).
1. Before setting the vehicle travel, the initial upper and lower limit angle values in the system are 255.
2. The difference between the upper and lower limit angle values for a single wheel will not exceed 180 degrees. If it exceeds 180 degrees, it indicates that the height sensor has been installed incorrectly.
YES, The REX system is specifically designed for dual air compressors.
Simply, connect the second air compressor output power in the power wiring box to the air compressor, No additional circuit configuration is required.
The power wiring box is designed as a protective mechanism to prevent large currents from entering the control system, which can prolong the functionality and lifespan of the main circuit board.