Activate the emergency rescue switch to start the air compressor, ensuring that there is enough air in the storage tank to raise the vehicle's suspension. Connect end A of the backup air hose to the drain hole, and end B to the vent hole of the solenoid valve. Open the drain valve to allow air to flow into the air spring. (It is recommended to drain the storage tank before use.)
1. Turn off the system power (located near the #1 electronic control valve). (If failing to turn off that will cause the system power to reset and potentially damage the system.)
2. This switch is manual; it must be manually turned off after being activated.
3. The pressure in the air tank is affected by the pressure switch. It will not follow the range set by the remote control.
※If the battery voltage drops below 8V, the solenoid valve may not function properly. If it drops below 5V, the system will shut down forcibly. Insufficient battery voltage can cause the system to become unusable.
According to different vehicle types and usage habits, different models require different pressures. The range for the air compressor to start and stop inflating can be set according to the owner's usage style.
This feature is used to protect the vehicle's battery and system. Please adjust according to the condition of the vehicle's power supply and system. If this value is too low, the operation of the air compressor can easily cause the battery to run out of power, preventing the vehicle from starting, and may also lead to system damage due to insufficient power.
This protects the air compressor and system from damage due to voltage overload. If the user disables the protection, it means that the user agrees to use the air compressor function under abnormal power supply or air compressor conditions, and therefore, AirREX assumes no responsibility.
1. When the air compressor detects that the internal air temperature is too high, it will lock the air compressor function. Do not disconnect the power to restart, the air compressor needs to cool down for 30 minutes.
2. If the air compressor cannot start due to aging or voltage overload, the system will lock the air compressor function. (A prompt will pop up asking whether to unlock)
3. If the air compressor operates continuously for 15 minutes, the system will lock the air compressor for 10 minutes. (A prompt will pop up asking whether to unlock)