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[ REX Series ] Install Product ✦ How to use the Emergency Rescue button on REX system.


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《 REX Series 》How to use the Emergency Rescue button on REX system.
Please follow the step: (The video will demonstrate the real dynamic movement of the air spring.)
Step 1: Please insert the air hose into the drain valve port.
Step2: Turn the valve switch on and drain out water from air tank.
  ★ To prevent causing any disfunction due to water residue in manifold valve and air spring. Please make sure to drain all water out before move to next step. ★  
Step 3: Complete water draining process for the air tank and switch off the valve properly.
Step 4: Press the emergency rescue button on the side of the power distribution box (the compressor will start working) ; Please press again to turn off the emergency rescue switch after five minutes.
  ★ Please make sure to turn off the operation system before press the emergency rescue button ★  
The compressor is controlled by the pressure switch; The pressure of air tank will be stay around 12.5~15.2 kg/cm2 (180-230psi)   

Step 5: Use another side of air hose and head into the left side of manifold flow rate valve.
  𝐀:Flow rate valve – Control both front side of air spring  
  𝐁:Flow rate valve – Control both rear side of air spring   

Step 6: Turn the drain valve switch on to inflate air from air tank to air strut.
Rescue accomplished!

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