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Salt spray test


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ASTM B-117 Salt Spray Test
The American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) test B117 is one of the most widely adopted standards for salt spray testing.
How long does an hour of salt spray test equal to the natural environment?
Neutral salt spray test (NSS test) is the earliest and most widely used accelerated corrosion test method. It USES 5% sodium chloride saline solution with a neutral PH range (6.5 ~ 7.2) as the spray solution. The test temperature was all set at 35℃.
Testing times range from 24 to thousands of hours, usually in 24 multiples calculation in unit.

The specific time is converted into: (The Data is for reference only: Surface treatment, coating type, and base metal will affect the corrosion curve, and the number of days is not static)
  Neutral salt spray test for 1 h ⇆ natural environment 15 days  
  Neutral salt spray test for 24 h ⇆ natural environment 1 year  

★ Neutral salt spray test for 24 h ⇆ natural environment 1 year ★

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