Classic (Height) Series
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[Classic (Height) Series] Matters needing attention (The remote control contains lithiumion battery)


Strictly observes the following needing attention. AirREX will not be responsible for any accident occurred by handling outside of the precautions in this specification.

! Danger !

• Never heat cell or throw it into fire.
• Never throw cell in liquid such as water、gasoline or drink etc, also do not wet cell.
• Prohibition of use cell close to fire or in a car where temperarure may be above 60°C. Also do not charge / discharge in such conditions.
• Never put batteries in your pockets or a bag together with metal objects such as necklaces, Hairpins, coins. or screws. Do not store or transport batteries with such objects.
• Never short-circuit the(+) and(-) terminals with other metals.
• Do not place cell in a device with the(+) and(-) in the wrong way around.
• Do not pierce cell with a sharp object such as a needle.
• Do not disassemble the cell.
• Never weld a cell directly.
• Do not use a damaged cell.
• Please carefully read the user's manual prior to use to avoid deteriorated performance, even cell leakage, heat, smoke, fire, explosion due to wrong operations.

! Warning !

• Do not put cell into a microwave oven, dryer, or high-pressure container.
• Stop charging the cell if charging is not completed within the specified time.
• Stop using the cell if abnormal heat, odor, discoloration, deformation or abnormal condition is detected during use, charge, or storage.
• Keep away from fire immediately when leakage or unpleasant smell is detected.
• If liquid leaks onto your skin or clothes, wash well with fresh water immediately.
• If liquid leaking from the cell gets into your eyes, do not rub your eyes. Wash them well with fresh water and go to see a doctor immediately.

! Caution !

• Before using the cell, be sure to read the user's manual and cautions on handling thoroughly.
• Keep batteries out of reach of children to avoid being swallowed.
• If children use the cell, their guardians should explain the proper handling.
• Batteries have life cycles. If cell powers equipment much shorter time than usual, please replace the cell with a new one.
• When not using cell for long terms, remove it from the equipment and store in a place with low humidity and low temperature.
• While the cell pack is charged, used and stored, keep it away from places/objects with static electric.
• If the terminals of cell become dirty, clean it with dry cloth before using.
• Cell would be over-discharged by its self-discharge characteristics in case the battery is not used for long time. In order to prevent over-discharging, the battery shall be charged periodically to maintain between 3.7V and 3.9V.
• Using the remote control, the operating temperature range is 0~45 °C.

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