REX ‧ Remote Control

Please press and hold the middle power ( settings 17 ) button directly.
1. Under normal battery conditions, there will be no light indicator.
2. When the battery voltage is too low, there will be a flashing red light to indicate.
3. When charging, the indicator light will be yellow-green .
1. Please slow down the speed of pressing the button, and do it twice in a row.
2. If the controller is not connected to the motherboard ( the air tank shows red ) , you cannot enter the menu.
1. Blue indicates the normal display value.
2. Red indicates that adjustment is in progress.
3. Yellow indicates the default value in memory mode.
1. If there is no operation under the memory mode screen for 10 seconds, it will return to the current pressure data screen ( Main screen )
2. Repeatedly pressing the memory mode button will allow you to "return to the current pressure data screen ( Main screen )

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Please refer to the below steps:
Step 1:On the main screen, click the "settings button" ( button 17 ) once.
Step 2: The green lights on buttons 9 and 12 will turn on, indicating that the four-wheel mode has been entered.

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Please refer to the detailed diagram.
1. click once to enter the four-wheel mode.
2. Double-click to enter the menu.
Yes, if the remote control is not used for a long time, please charge it at least once every 3 months .
For driving safety, do not operate the device while driving.
Check all connections to ensure they are properly connected, and make sure the remote control is switched to pressure mode.
1. Check if the display interface has been switched to the height percentage display.
2. Check if the "vehicle travel setting" has been completed.