《AirREX》Air Management ‧ REX Series

✦✦✦ System Usage Tips ✦✦✦
Tip 1. Enter the four-wheel mode first, then proceed to memory mode to set the four-wheel synchronization adjustment.
Tip 2. Memory mode settings for height and pressure are independent; with 4 height sensor preset+ 4 pressure sensor preset settings, there will be a total of 8 adjustable settings.
Tip 3. For first-time users, please pay attention to the battery display in the upper left corner to understand the voltage of your vehicle when STARTING, DRIVING, and Turning off the engine after 10 minutes. This will allow you to accurately set the system shutdown voltage.
Tip 4. If your parking spot at home or frequent parking locations are on uneven surfaces (slopes or significant height variations), it is recommended to disable the vehicle startup leveling feature.