PRIVATE POLICY of AirREX Digital Air Suspension System
This PRIVATE POLICY becomes effective on November 1, 2019


Pin Hsiu Technology Co., Ltd. belongs to the business entity AirREX Global (hereinunder abbreviated as: “we” or “us”) and will spare no effort to protect your personal private information. This PRIVATE POLICY notice is to describe how we collect, process, manage and use the data provided by you and the purpose of use. This PRIVATE POLICY will also provide you with information so that you can understand various parties sharing the data with us, especially under the condition of international transmission. This is a security measure in order to protect you and moreover, it will inform you about your authority and option related to your personal data so that you can agree that we will process your personal data and information under appropriate circumstances.

We collect your personal information via the following means:
• When you use our website ── for example (hereunder abbreviated as “website".)
• When you attend related activities held by AirRex.
• When you liaise with authorized agents, retailers and maintenance providers of AirREX.
• Sale promotion held by us regarding AirREX product and AirREX service (hereinunder abbreviated as “service”) and other channels of sales.

In order to allow you to use our service and information of our website with ease, please read this PRIVATE POLICY carefully. If you disagree with any provision of this PRIVATE POLICY please do not use our website or provide any personal information. This privacy notice will be updated irregularly which is the supplement to other notices and there is no intention to replace these notices.



1. PRIVATE POLICY of AirREX and amendments
2. Important information
3. Collection and use of personal information
4. Information use and purpose
5. Third party company
6. Cookie
7. Data used
8. International data transmission
9. Protect your information security
10. How long is the time for preserving and use the personal information?
11. Target being authorized to disclose the personal information
12. Special liaison with our authorized agents, retailers and maintenance providers
13. Your legal rights
14. Prevention of legal responsibility



1. PRIVATE POLICY of AirREX and Amendment
Due to change in applicable laws, we may amend this PRIVATE POLICY irregularly. Any updated content will be published on our website and shall become binding once being published. AirREX reserves the right to amend this PRIVATE POLICY or to update part of the content. When you use our website every time, we invite you to continue to read the content of this PRIVATE POLICY.


2.Important Information
When you use this website, AirREX will collect and process information of you (the person) and we will bear responsibility to protect your personal information. If you have any doubt on the contents declared in this PRIVATE POLICY, including any request of your legal authority, please use the following channel to describe in detail to liaise with us:

No. 120, Sec. 3, Zhangmei Road, Tieshan Li, Hemei Township, Changhua County 508
Email :


3.Collection and Use of Personal Information
We may collect, use, access, transmit your different types of information in order to provide and improve our service to you. Types of data collected are as follows:
【Personal Information or Data】
Refers to information that can identify the personal identity but not including anonymous information. We may request you to provide information “personal data” of certain individual that can be used to contact or identify you. Personal identity information may include but not limited to:
a. Identity identification:
Including name and surname, title, age, date of birth, gender, job.
b. Contact information:
Including located address, zip code and address, email address, handphone and telephone number (residential/commercial).
c. Consultation information:
including communication channels used to contact us or already provided, such as: email box, social media account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin account); including inquiry contents and requirement details: for example: request to provide information, comments, impression and customer complaints; include ID used to authenticate your identity, for example, product account ID allocated by us, and product and service inquired by you and other details including contents of sales promotion activity.
d. Our Automatic Collection Technology and Use of Information:
When you visit the IP address of AirREX website, time zone setting and location (country/region), device type, domain name used, language setting, login information, type of browser and edition used, browsed homepage and staying time, time of visit, number of visit, key words searched in the site, operation system and platform etc. and other technology that you use to visit on the website equipment.
e. Social Media:
If you use third party (such as: social network) to visit us, we will collect your personal information left in the social media due to this including your name, email address etc., and your disclosed personal information or information you choose to share in the social media or link to us through plug-ins. These social media will permit us to retain the personal information you provided to them automatically. You can also conduct setting via amendment on the privacy of the social media to limit the data content that we can obtain.
f. Population Statistics and Statistical Integrated Information:
Based on the purpose of market research and customer category analysis, we may use anonymous method to integrate information and contact information used by you. The source of these information may come from your personal information but as this information will not directly or indirectly reveal your identity, therefore by law it will not be deemed as personal information.
g. Preference Information:
It includes your occupation, interest and preference options, any AirREX product that you may have already purchased or have already attended related activity of AirREX and the experience on products and services of AirREX.

*Special Personal Information: AirREX strongly request you not to disclose any sensitive personal information on the website. We do not actively collect personal information of any special type (including your race, nationality, religion, philosophical belief, health, heredity and biological identification information, sex life, sex orientation, political view, professional association member identity etc.) and AirREX will not collect any information related to criminal ruling and offense.

As provision of related information is completely optional, if you decided to do like this, please pay attention that AirREX requires you to clearly agree on the processing of various personal information. If you decide to share it, AirREX will emphasize that you clearly agree to provide AirREX to process the decision of this type of personal information.


4. Use and Purpose of Information
a. When you lose the login/password details during AirREX registration service, you can inquire your consultation record, subscribed communication through maintaining the registered user information to authenticate your identity. (Only include basic information).
b. Used in related product and service of AirREX in the future or marketing publicity activity (including sales promotion and special preference) conducted by third party selected by AirREX: direct marketing, market research through instant news via traditional mail, email, telephone, message, banner etc., from official, official social media, operators etc.
c. AirREX will only process your personal information under specific, clear and legitimate condition and we will never sell your personal information that will be kept safely. Under the legitimate and reasonable area, we will co-share your personal information through you permission with AirREX and your local AirREX authorized agent, retailer and repairer in order to facilitate them to contact you through the liaison method provided by you and to share AirREX and to advise you on information related to AirREX product, service, merchandise and accessories (including sales promotion). Before taking a further step to process your personal information, we will obtain your clear consent.

At any time, we need your permission to process your personal information. You also have the right to cancel this type of permission at any time. You can use letter or email to send request for the address or email address listed in the beginning of this PRIVATE POLICY or use us to send the cancel subscription link in the marketing communication and can request us or cooperating companies to stop sending you marketing information at any time.

* AirREX refers to the main company Pin Hsiu Technology Co., Ltd., affiliate company and subordinating business entities AirREX Global and AirREX digital air suspension system, airrex suspension.
* AirREX’s authorized distributor refers to various distributors listed in the following websites: DEALERS


5.Cooperating Third Party Company
Except the aforementioned, we will not disclose your personal information to any cooperating company without your permission unless for compliance of legal obligation, exercising and compulsory exercising our legal rights, protecting our employees and customers. When necessary we will disclose to related government, supervision, law enforcement, law, insurance unit. We request all cooperating third party companies to respect and protect your personal information and we do not permit cooperating third party company to use your personal information out of their own purpose.

We may also collect your personal information from the following cooperating companies:
a. Google
b. Liaison of network technology, analytical statistic service provided, statistic and consultation information.
c. Visitor footprint tracking is a kind of network analysis service and you can visit their PRIVATE POLICY page.

Link to Other Website
Our service may include pointing to the link of other websites not operated by us. If you click on the third party link, yon may be directed to the website of the third party. We strongly suggest you to visit the PRIVATE POLICY of each website. We cannot control the content of the third party website or service, PRIVATE POLICY or the way of doing. If you choose to provide personal information to these websites, we are not required to bear any responsibility and obligation.


6. Cookie
We use Cookie to help us to provide a good experience in browsing our website and to allow us to be able to improve our website. Understand our COOKIE POLICY.

In order to provide information and advertisement that can conform to your personal interest, we will analyze Cookie through summaries, collect and analyze your general activity on the website, choose and select preference information.

Attention please: By abiding by the aforementioned rules and under the premise of legal requirement or permission, we may process your personal information without being known by your or without permission and will prevent any misuse of this website and any fraudulent activity conducted through this website.


7.Use of Information
AirREX will use the collected information for various purposes:
• Provide and maintain service.
• Notify you on changes related to our service.
• Permit you to participate in interactive functions when you choose to participate in our service
• Provide care and support to customers.
• Future marketing, publicity and sales promotion activities including direct marketing, market research through various types of contact method you provided, through operators, AirREX and official social media page of AirREX.
• Soft junk mail: in the future marketing activity, direct email of marketing propaganda of similar products may be sent to you via AirREX purchase or product or service required.
• Provide analysis or valuable information to facilitate us to improve our service.
• Monitor the usage condition of service.
• Inspect, prevent and solve technical problems.
• Prevent misuse/fraud: prevent and discover misuse or any fraudulent activity conducted via this website.
• Collection of regulation of legal compliance and further process personal information of certain types.
• Build up the personal data information of the website that you use and through analysis on cookie, it will reveal related information and advertisement that you may be interested in.


8.International Data Transmission
Refers to transmission of personal information beyond the European Economic Area “EEA”. We have cooperating sales companies and units in various places in the world. If our sales need to transmit personal information to other company or third party, these companies and third parties may be located beyond the EEA including Taiwan. Please pay attention that information we collected (including personal information) will only be transmitted and stored in appropriate data protection standard countries/regions that can conform to the provision of the European Union Committee. If we need to transmit to places beyond Taiwan due to legitimate purpose, we may require or inform you and notify you that this kind law is identical to GDPR.


9.Protecting the Safety of Your Information
AirREX will adopt all reasonable and necessary steps to ensure that your information, data can obtain safe processing and can comply with this PRIVATE POLICY except when there are appropriate control measures to protect the safety of your information, data and other information, data.


10.How long is the Time to Preserve and Use Personal information?
In order to improve and to ensure the website service quality, its normal operation and to identify errors or misuse of website, when physical or forced majeure event occurs, we will try our best to instantly restore the usability of personal information and website visit authority. After the preservation time-limit provided by law is expired, we will appropriately delete or process the personal information of customers and others.

Under the condition of basing on the purpose of marketing, market research or data analysis, we will anonymously process your personal information as this information will no longer related to you and we may use this information permanently and will not notify you separately.

Under special circumstance, you may also request us to delete your information. Please see terms: “2 Important information” to obtain detail information.


11.Targets Being Authorized to Disclose Personal Information
a. Employees of AirREX being authorized to process personal information and to provide service.
b. Our parent company and affiliate companies of our parent company, affiliate business entities shall process personal information for the purpose of internal management.
c. Company and unit personnel providing service, for example: maintenance of hosting network equipment, email platform provider, network equipment and electronic communication network.
d. Members of authorized agents, retailers, maintenance providers liaised through you and us.
e. Third party business cooperation partner, for example: marketing, advertisement marketing, sales promotion organization; external companies cooperating with AirREX to provide you with service or representatives providing service of security.
f. Other third party: related disclosure may be processed with related government, supervision, law enforcement, legal and insurance unit if necessary according to applicable law requirement and binding orders in order to protect the rights, property and security of our company and internal employees, customers.


12.Special Liaison with Our Authorized agents, Retailers and Maintenance Providers
If you establish independent relationship with our authorized agents, retailers, maintenance providers, for example: obtaining product and service or providing your personal information, under this circumstance, for any doubts on the collection, management and using your personal information, please conduct understanding and liaison with them directly.


13.Your Legal Rights
a. In order to provide you with good service quality, signing this PRIVATE POLICY with you is necessary. You may also choose not to provide any personal information, but AirREX will no longer be able to provide any service to you.
b. You can apply for reading personal information provided by you. We will provide a duplicate copy related to your personal information that we are holding so that you can clearly understand whether we process this information legitimately.
c. Conduct confirmation and latest amendment on information provided by you.
d. The right to conduct duplication of your personal information or to oppose the processing of request to conduct deletion: when we use your personal information based on some legitimate purpose, if you feel that this will result in affecting the personal basic right and freedom, you can put forward to us your opposition to process your personal information. However, if this violates special legal reason, we may not be able to abide by your request.
e. You may also request us to temporarily suspend the processing of your personal information when you put forward query on the accuracy of the personal information that we use it illegally or when we use it in direct marketing and process your personal information. However, under certain circumstances, we may prove that we have compulsory legitimate processing of your personal information and has priority over your rights and freedom.
f. The right to transmit data: certain rights to transmit your personal data information from us to another controller.
g. The right to cancel the consent on processing the data information based on your special condition.
h. The right to put forward complaint with the data supervision institution.
i. You can choose to cancel the marketing communication method in process at present through cancellation at any time: telephone, handphone, email mail, social media; from corresponding link or from email to choose cancellation on receipt of related marketing soft junk mail.

Any request on the related above rights can be liaised with us through the contact method in “2 Important information”.


14. Prevent Legal Responsibility
Network data information security
We will try our best to protect your personal information by using acceptable means commercially but cannot completely guarantee absolutely secured, error free and loophole free.


If you agree on this PRIVATE POLICY, please press submit that means expressing that you agree on such transfer.