An Overview of AirREX Brand

“AirREX insists on using MIT rubber parts”

Established in 1984 in Changhua, Taiwan, Pin Hsiu Technology has indulged in the development and manufacturing of rubber products as its principal engagement for long time. The products of the Company are extensively used in different industries, including those of medicine, electronics, mass transportation, machinery and manufacturing, communication services, sports goods, household items, and entertainment. The high-profile quality of Pin Hsiu has earned the recognition of different industries and reputation worldwide.

“AirREX aligned with the world in advancement towards a promising future”

Pin Hsiu started to work in cooperation with famous suspension system manufacturers at home and abroad for the development of related parts and components through exchanges and concerted efforts since 1988. In responding to the needs of different sectors and the market, the Company led a professional team to develop the AirREX pneumatic suspension system brand by combining the pneumatic elements and suspension system after meticulous analysis, assessment, and study.

In 2007, Pin Hsiu established the AirREX brand and has successfully registered for patent in 2008. This unveiled the market of the pneumatic suspension system. In 2015, the Pin Hsiu AirREX Plant No. 3 was established. We promise to be the top performer and an innovative company with commitment to the development of revolutionary solutions and know-how. Pin Hsiu is mainly engaged in the automotive industry, and will transcend to the metropolitan mass rapid transit system, aviation system, and cable car related systems. In addition, Pin Hsiu will further its efforts in the development of markets of other industries.

“AirREX values interpersonal interaction”

Through the mindsets and expectation of mankind, we will further our efforts in the development of innovative and better know-how and services with enthusiasm to speak up for Taiwan and make contributions to society as a whole. We will align with the world to share the good of Taiwan.

“Protection with 1-year warranty for your peace of mind”

One year of warranty service will be provided from the day of purchase (date of the invoice, receipt or other forms of proof of purchase). Warranty covers products purchased directly from authorized dealers or retailers of the Company. Products acquired through resale, assignment or other means are not eligible for warranty service. Accordingly, we disclaim any obligation or responsibility thereof.

1. Any expense incurred from the purchase, installation, shipment, or use of products by consumers (including the cost of human resources and freight) or any other necessary expenses shall be borne by the consumers whether the products are covered by warranty or not, unless the warranty clause specified otherwise that the Company shall be responsible.
2. Consumers may have problem on the use of products or other related matters, and shall seek assistance from the Company or the Company disclaims any damage to the products thereof.
3. Unless the law provides otherwise, the Company disclaims any obligation for any damage, direct or indirect, or collateral to the consumers or a third party deriving from the products, including but not limited to: physical injury, health, reputation, good will, operation, property, investment, and profit. Likewise, the Company disclaims any responsibility for the damage to other equipment deriving from this product.

For further information on the warranty clause of AirREX, click to link to the page of “ Warranty Clause ” . Thank You.